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What is Work Related Road Risk?

In 2014 at least 1 in 3 fatal crashes and 1 in 4 serious injury crashes Britain, involved someone driving for work.*

There is also a lack of data available on work related driving incidents, which suggests these figures are likely to be even higher.

Based on this information work related road risk clearly needs to be given the same level of importance as workplace safety; however this is not the case.

In order to begin to address this imbalance, Transport for London commissioned a review of the activities in the construction sector (a disproportionate number of cyclist fatalities involved construction vehicles) to understand the causes of such incidents and what could be done to prevent them. It was out of this piece of work that a national standard for Work Related Road Risk was created.

Now Work Related Road Risk clauses are included in contracts for companies operating in London for the construction sector, but the Work Related Road Risk standard is relevant to all logistics sectors across the UK.

Benefits of attending a Fleet Source Work Related Road Risk course:

  • Equips your drivers with the essential skills and knowledge needed to help reduce the number of collisions with vulnerable road users
  • Demonstrates your company operates safely and above the expected standard
  • Helps with FORS progression
  • Reduces road risk
  • Provides your senior management with peace of mind
  • Gives customers confidence that you are operating to the highest standards
  • Gives your company a competitive advantage

As a result of drivers attending a Fleet Source Work Related Road Risk course, your company is likely to see:

  • Reductions in vehicle downtime and the associated delays
  • Savings on insurance claims and premiums and in vehicle repairs
  • Ultimately a reduction in fatalities and injuries caused by those driving for work

*Reported road casualties Great Britain: annual report 2014; Department for Transport

If your business operates road transport of any kind

Fleet Source can help


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